Business Owners and Professionals

As a Business Owner or Professional you probably think about money in a slightly different way than someone who is used to working a 9-5 job.

There are so many opportunities for self-employed individuals when it comes to money management and tax strategies.  Now don’t get us wrong we are not tax professionals and we never give tax advise, but we work closely with many people in those fields and have learned a lot of strategies over the years when it comes to creating tax favored structures and strategies.

On the following pages are a series of videos that will cover a number of topics that we feel are very important for you to understand.  We have included a number of short 2 minute videos to give you a quick overview of the topic and then in most cases we have longer videos that go into much more detail.

Use the navigation on the left to work your way through the series.  You can jump around as you like but we suggest that you watch the videos in the order they are presented.